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Australian Koi Association

Welcome to the Australian Koi Association, a club formed in 1981 with just 37 members who had a common interest in koi and a diversity of preferences for types of koi.

We now have hundreds of members and an active program of meeting nights, shows and auctions.

We have developed close links with other interstate and international koi organisations and koi judges.

New members are always welcome!

Introducing the AKA's patron, Professor Simon Chapman AO...click here for more


AKA supplies our Members and the koi-keeping public with our AKA koi food, pumps, nets, test kits and general koi supplies via four outlets across the Sydney metropolitan area.

The Committee has elected AKA Member Mr Anthony Waring to head up our new Supply Team with the aim of covering a broader area of Sydney.

Supplies will be based at the following locations and purchases can be arranged by contacting the AKA member closest to you to arrange a mutual pick-up time.

Anthony Waring
Mobile 0418 617 627
PO Box 6222

Gordon Kilborn
Mobile 0429 664 916
76 Valentia Ave

John Rhodes
Mobile 0415 034 652
1357 Anzac Parade

Phil and Judy Rea
Mobile 0418 996 226
23 Dakota Place
RABY 2566

Changes to AKA auction sizes and types
The AKA has made several changes to improve the quality of koi sold at our auctions.

Commencing at our June 17th auction, the minimum size acceptable will be increased to 75 mm, up from the current 50 mm. Commencing at the same auction, all non-metallic white koi (shiro muji) and all non-metallic red koi (aka muji), will be banned at our auctions.

Any koi presented that does not meet these new requirements will not be allowed to be sold and will return home with their owner. It is hoped these by introducing these changes that in time AKA’s Auctions will improve and the quality level of koi will be greatly improved.

For full details please click here.

  Show results, including the last few years of results for our Large Koi Show, Young Koi Show, Tategoi of the Year and Dave Pogson Memorial Trophy are available on the News page.  


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You can download our latest newsletters in PDF form:

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AKA guide to koi keeping

About koi
The fascinating history of koi, and some basic information on their care and feeding.

A complete list of all koi classifications.

Breeding and culling
Preparation for breeding, spawning, care of the fry and culling.

Genealogy of koi
As with all good breeding, it's all in the genes!

Pond construction 
Preparation, planning, design and a fair amount of hard labour all contribute to a successful pond project.

Biological filtration
Understanding, installing and maintaining biological filtration in your koi ponds.

A complete A to Z of koi terms.

Koi herpes virus (KHV)
Download a fact sheet from the Invasive Animals Centre for Collaborative Research about KHV

Other koi resources and websites of interest including other Australian and international koi societies.

Become a member and take part in our regular members' meetings, koi shows, tours and koi auctions

The aims of the AKA:
  • The promotion of friendship and understanding through koi.
  • To have available an advisory service to all koi keepers.
  • To hold shows, displays and exhibitions to help introduce our hobby to the public.
  • To operate as a family oriented club.

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